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Alan 10/11/2023

First time using premium . Riley arrived in time dressed in a short black dress . That body is 2 for and nice lass as well . Thanks

T 25/09/2023

Finally had the chance to meet Riley! Had an incredible and fun session! Plenty of great energy and naughtiness for sure ;). Riley has incredible skills on so many levels. Looking forward to seeing you again…lots to be continued!


Hi. Need to say had a mind blowing appointment with Riley. She is an amazing young lady. Thanks for arranging and please thank her for me.



Hey X. Just some feedback for Riley from the outcall X. 


She's great. Honestly never met someone more fun and cheery. Only wish I could book her more frequently and for longer!  She's a credit to your agency!


Hi guys. Riley was fantastic as usual. We had some really good chats and she has a fantastic personality. Definitely be booking again 😊

Alun 09/07/2023

I had a lovely hour with Riley. She's got a great figure, great skills and a very pleasant personality. Will definitely see again x


Hi guys just had Riley for an hour and she was fantastic. Thank you. πŸ‘ Definitely will be back soon

Scott 26/02/2023

Met Riley for first time and such a lovely sexy friendly woman, knows have to please and great chat

Robert 30/12/2022

Saw Riley for the first time in two years and she was better than ever. Had a really great time with her.

HerdyGirthy 23/09/2022

Thank you for organising my time with Riley. I enjoyed being with her. She is very attractive, has good conversation skills as she knows a lot and very good in the other skills too. I would like to see her again sometime.

Steven 16/08/2022

I saw Riley today the 16th of August. She was very lovely. Made me feel relaxed. I had a lovely time. Hope to see her again in the future.

Carl 06/07/2022

What a lovely girl. I was going to call it a day with escorts but she was so friendly and professional, not to mention very attractive. I'll hopefully see Riley again and manage her one rule next time! πŸ˜‰

N Peter 04/05/2022

Totally awesome! Amazingly beautiful! Fun to be with! VERY sexy. Peter

Mr Perfect 04/05/2022

Met with Riley today for 30 mins. Facially attractive with an absolutely stunning little body. I found Riley to be as mad as a box of frogs and so much fun, I really enjoyed her craic. She has a wicked tongue and knows how to use it. All in all a fantastic meet with a seriously sexy girl that genuinely left me feeling light headed. 😁

Nibbsy 21/04/2022

Great to see Riley again, she's super friendly and sexy as hell, had another fantastic time with her...

Paul 02/03/2022

Thanks for a great time. Riley. 

Nibbsy 11/02/2022

Riley is a wee cracker, full of fun, super friendly and sexy as hell, had a fantastic time and will definitely be back...


Thank you Riley for a fab time. Can't believe i left it 3.5 years!

Love your hair, and banter. Your attitude towards giving me a perfect time was much appreciated. Thanks gorgeous πŸ€— Luke x


Riley was amazing  true gfe and little pocket rocket, and  she made a very nervous man feel so at ease , will defo be back xx


Thanks for tht June. Riley quite a character very entertaining and great to chat with. Sexy and interesting great combination so thank you much love Graham. Xxx


Wow Riley was amazing such a stunning and beautiful lass amazing to chat with and some amazing skills. 

Thanks for everything x



Riley that was fun you have made a happy man feel very old 😘

Sean 29/09/2021

WOW!!! Just arrived back home from one of the best experiences of my life. One hour with Alex and Riley. Right from the get go they blew my mind in soo many different ways.. Both girls and stunningly beautiful. Amazing bodies and very pretty faces.. full eye contact the whole time no matter what activity we were doing.. Alex is without a doubt the best kisser i’ve ever kissed and Riley looked at me in such i way I couldn’t believe how good she looked. We tried everything that was on the menu and I’m sure the two beauties had as much fun as i did.. after the fun we just lay on the bed chatting and having a laugh before it was my time to get ready to go.. even once i was dressed and car keys in hand Alex was still kissing me deep and passionately as Riley got dressed,then a big kiss off Riley before saying my goodbyes. Ive asked the girls for another session as soon as I’m available again, but next time we are going to throw another girl into the mix too. Ive always wanted 3 girls at the same time but only managed to have 2 so far. Thanks Juney for arranging such a fantastic time with these two horny sexy girls..


. What a meet with Riley, immaculate accommodation. Cute and petite a body to die for and eager to please. Certainly knows how to entertain . Will be back soon 


I had a booking tonight with Riley that lady is absolutely amazing, friendly and beautiful please let her know that she made my night, will definitely be seeing her again xxx

Peter 04/08/2021

The closest to Heaven (NO not Hebburn!) I have ever been. Xx Peter

Paul 27/05/2021

Great time with Riley today really recommend her to all. x

Peter 20/07/2021

Straight talking, sexy, brilliant to be with. An angel with brown eyes that look into your heart. Wow. Peter xx

Will 11/07/2021

Fabulous time spent with the energetic and entertaining Riley.

Peter 07/07/2021

The sexiest premium escort EVER

Pete 24/02/2021

Beautiful, intelligent, sexy, a dream. Xx Peter


Riley was fantastic...11 out of 10... totally lush, totally sexy and totally fun....can't wait for my next

PJ 17/04/2021

Absolutely lovely girl.  Very caring, cheerful and understanding.  Had a fantastic first time with Riley, will definitely look to see her again.  

Cockney boy 12/12/2020

Duo call Riley and Amy. 1st time with Riley. Amy excellent as always. Riley very hot. Will definitely book again



J 19/12/2020

Thank you riley. I can't wait to see you again. 10/10. Top girl 


Wow  havent seen riley for ages  she is stunning  had  a amazing time, i think she liked  the final bit lol x 

Paul 05/10/2020

Thanks for today Riley

Paul 29/09/2020

Great time today with Riley.



Jon 12/09/2020

Met up with the lovely Riley again today for the 1st time since late December 2019 and I am delighted to say, she's lost none of her sparkle. A lovely lady.

Gav 07/09/2020

been trying to book riley for a little while today I did and wow she is actually gorgeous believe the hype...she's talkative and intelligent and extremely hot i can't wait to see her again 😍 

Dean 29/08/2020

Hi just seen the lovely Riley today and all I can say really is WoW absolutely stunning and sexy perfect in every way will definitely be back next week xx

Darren 29/08/2020

Unreal time. Realy horny young lady, clean and realy enjoys what she does

 10/10 for me thanks Riley xx


Please pass on my thanks and compliments to Riley. An amazing young lady who definitely knows how to entertain! 

Jon 11/12/2019

What an amazing lady is Riley!!  An absolute gem in every way.

Paul 02/11/2019

Great day with Riley yeserday. Cheers Riley Paul xx

Steve 27/10/2019

Riley is amazing, beautiful, and professional.  I’ve travelled the world for business and never meet anyone as wonderful as Riley.  If I come back to Newcastle again I will look for Riley.

Jack 12/08/2019

Riley is perfect! Just exactly what I want. Very respectful, cute, responsive, funny, amazing body. Just the perfect escort you want to spend your time with. You deserve 10/10. Thank you for such Amazing time. Also her place was so comfortable. 


Robert 07/08/2019

Yet another fantastic time with the excellent young Riley. This girl really is a treasure.

Tommy 15/10/2019

Wow. Loved the Halloween outfit thanks Riley. Your my new fav😍

Paul 26/07/2019

More great times with Riley today!  Everybody should see Riley, she will be the perfect treat as Halloween is coming up and beyond that and way into the future, time and time again.

If you see Riley, you will all see what I mean by that statement - TRUST ME.

Until next time Riley 

Take Care 


A 23/09/2019

She’s amazing girl best service friendly xxx



Paul 17/06/2019

Riley you truly are an artist.


Paul xxx xxx xxx

Mark 21/07/2019

Spent half hour with Riley was fantastic she cud not do enough for you will definitely be back for more thank you 


Hi June, feedback for Riley - Beautiful and petite young lady who was very friendly and had a great personality. Had a fantastic time. Thanks Riley and thanks to Juney for arranging. XX

Paul 17/06/2019

Thank you for a great day again Riley.  You are the sizzle in the summer.

Take Care

Paul xxx xxx xxx

Paul 17/06/2019

Thank you for today Riey. Your lovely!

Paul xxx xxx xxx

Paul 17/06/2019

Great to see Riley today!  Everybody should keep seeing Riley, it was Tremendous! 


Thanks again Riley Paul xxx xxx xxx

Phil 02/02/2019

Awesome girl. Beautiful, friendly and keen to please. Will definitely see her again 

Paul 17/06/2019

Riley melted all the snow away for me.  GOD, IT WAS HOT INSIDE THERE TODAY!

Until next time Riley

Paul xxx xxx xxx

Mick 30/11/2018

Hi just seen Riley  for a half hour slot . Wish i had booked a longer  session.  She is  lovely  good looking very frendly. But very good at what she does. I will definitely be  back to see her again.  Shes one very existing   stunning  young lady.  Thanks so much. Xxxxx

Paul 17/06/2019

Had a really great time with Riley today, she knows what I mean by that.

Everybody should keep seeing Riley

A true keeper for Premium INDEED!

Thanks again Riley Paul 

xxx xxx xxx

Paul 17/06/2019

Thanks again Riley Paul xxx xxx xxx

Paul 17/06/2019

Fantastic! Time with Riley today just awsome.


Thanks again Paul xxx xxx xxx 

Paul 17/06/2019

More great times with Riley on Wednesday, she is truly, truly very special indeed a true keeper for Premium!



Thanks again Riley 



xxx xxx xxx

Steve 08/11/2018

I met Riley for an hour and the second I walked through the door I knew she was special. Stunning looks, killer body and a submissive nature that was a dream. Nothing she wouldn't do and can take anything you give her, the naughtier the better. 

A great tie with good conversation, great skills

She is the perfect submissive girlfriend. 

Paul 17/06/2019

Based on my experience of seeing Riley today.  I was so right before when I said I wish I was a millionaire so I could see Riley everyday, that STATEMENT IS SO TRUE. Riley would be worth every penny a true keeper for Premium.

Treat her well and it will be an experience you will never forgot.


Thanks again Paul

xxx xxx xxx


 Hi It's Dave will u thank Riley for a lovely time she is a special & naughty girl Xx

R 08/08/2018


Just a quick one to say thank you Juney. You don't need me to tell you how lovely Riley is, but credit where credit is due. What a gem she is, with a cracking attitude. If my faith needed restoring she's done it in droves. 

Please let her know this.

Bruce 05/07/2018

Fantastic. She does everything she can to please you. One of the very best!

Andy 01/07/2018


This girl is seriously hot

Like the girl next door but with an extremely naughty side to her

Exceptionally friendly and pleasant and lovely in all respects

Please pass on my compliments  

Dave 19/06/2018

Blown away by how fantastic Riley is, only spent 30 mins and regretted it the moment she opened the door. She is stunning, has an amazing figure and is oh so sexy. But above all that she has a great personality and is very friendly. Please treat with respect.

Paul 17/06/2019

Like the song goes if I was a millionaire.  If I was a minionaire I would have Riley visit me all day every day she was that good.  All the positive feedback is true she could not of been nicer and where it counted she was tremendous.  Just fablous.  I will be smiling for a long time to come.  I can't recommend her enough.  I understand why Riley is so popular and everybody should keep seeing her both old and new.

Until next time Riley you sweethart and pure legend you are a keeper for Premium.


Paul xxx xxx xxx 




I’ve probably punted for about 20 years. At around once a month, that’s a lot of girls. Some have been multiple visits to the same girl, so I’m not quite Casanova of the North but you know, I’m not new to this.


Riley is I think the best experience I’ve ever had. Not even kidding.

I’m planning my next visit already 

Gary 02/06/2018

After reading all of the feedback I can’t believe that no one can see it. Riley has the most exquisite eyes. They are windows into her soul. Pools of delight.

Riley has cast a spell over me that will bring me back time and again. What a gorgeous young girl. She really knows how to send me away happy. See you soon x.


john 01/06/2018

wow what a great girl, very easy going and great at what she does, one of the best girls around in my oppinion so I will be back again for sure xx

Pete 29/05/2018

I spent an amazing 45 minutes with Riley and half way through, I'm already thinking of when I will be able to meet her again. Riley is so beautiful and still have her slim pert body from her teens :) And she really enjoys what she's doing which makes our meeting really passionate and enjoyable. You deserve the best Riley.

Dan 25/05/2018

What an amazing girl! Incredibly easy to talk to, lovely figure, beautiful face. Very sweet petite young lady, with just a hint of naughtiness. Just perfect. X

Robert 15/03/2018

Riley\\\'s an accomodating, attractive and pleasant young girl and I had a fun time with her. Will definitely see her again, thanks for setting me up.

Dirty Harry 18/05/2018

Seen yng riley tonight nice petite pretty brunette nice girl not a ounce fat on her done exactly what I wanted loves a good drink 10/10 dirtyharry xxx


Hi, Riley was absolutely fabulous. Another great addition to premium. I can't wait for my next visit to explore her bag of tricks. X

andy 13/05/2018

What an amazing lady very talentedand knows what she's doing. 

Thanks so much juney and Marc top notch service 

john 05/05/2018

wow and double wow what a great girl Riley is, I will be back to see her again and again defo the best girl i have seen in a very long time, she is so good at what she does great sex and the rest thanks again 

Dean 26/04/2018

Hi June

 thanks she was great and definitely want to book her for a two hour out call in two weeks time xx

J 20/04/2018

 Beautiful girl inside and out with a great figure. Very receptive and engaging, I had a great time thank you xx

P 20/04/2018

Riley is beautiful, fun, friendly, engaging and a red-hot fuck bundled into one pert little package. Highly reccommended. Can't wait for my next visit.

Gaz 20/04/2018

Ps I would also like to thank premium for their excellent communications.

Gaz 20/04/2018

Wow beautiful inside and out almost a perfect figure(did have a touch of sunburn lol) great company and the rest, I recommend you try. Xx


June Riley is really nice and very good and seamed to enjoy it xx she will be spot on for you  

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